Hagi ware pottery Ryoueigama

Hagi ware pottery Ryoueigama

Hagi ware pottery Ryoueigama


Ryoueigama : in the pottery of the Hagi ware .....

Ryoueigama Hagi ware pottery

The reason of Ryoueigama in 1974. It is pottery of the opened Hagi ware Matsnoruu Tscasadoshi.
Son Sohei Matsuno succeeds the kiln and now.


Where is Ryoueigama?

Please see google map here.
It is pottery that is the nearest from the Hagi tollway.


Here of Ryoueigama is terrible.

  • There are 30,000 sales performances or more during year.
  • The all are handmade, machines by the workman, and all molding is none.
  • It is from the chopsticks putting of 700 yen to the objet of millions of yen.
  • The mail order for the whole country is done.
  • It is possible to experience. make the Hagi ware
  • The order goods with the name are made.
  • The tool of the tea ceremony has been enhanced.

They are 30,000 sales results a year.

Please leave it to Ryoueigama if it is a Hagi ware.

Kind of Hagi ware of handling
Chopsticks putting,Cup,Saucer,Wine cup,Coffee cup,Censer ,Flower putting,Flower bowl,Soy sauce,Source piercingly, Lamp shade,Wine cooler,Mug,Trophy,Spoon

Works of Ryoueigama

Board of earthenware
name:Thinking EGG
Do you look like what?

Trophy group
The trophy of the bush clover yacht race
has been produced since 2000.

Haku yu wan
It is easy to have in a handy price, and looks beautiful conduct.
Coffee, tea, and tea are OK.